David and his wife Ann at the Auburn, Cord, Duesenburg Museum. We’ve visit auto museums across the US. Once I get a chance to sit in Whippet, WK or some other Willys related vehicle I will swap this pic with that one!

WillysOnline.com went live in May of 2001. For a decade and a half it was operated passionately by Jody Staples. In 2018, David Eilers took over the site, changing it slightly to further support fans of Willys-related (and some not so related) vehicles of all types. Unlike Jody’s wealth of knowledge about these vehicles, David knows far less about them (those he’s pretty darn good with jeeps, as you can see at his other site, eWillys.com). He’s approaching this as an opportunity to look at this niche with fresh eyes and contribute to it from that perspective. David will support the community as best he can.

At WillysOnline, readers can expect near-daily updates on the front page. There, folks can find vehicles for sale and occasional features stories. David’s goal is to create a site which helps new folks (like David) learn about these cars. They will also find information on where to get parts, the latest items for sale on eBay, and links to helpful sites. This site will probably take a month or two or three to really get going, but hopefully it will become a useful resource for years to come and honor Jody’s original dream.