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1955 Willys Aero Bermuda Fremont, NE $700

CATEGORY: Willys-Aero

Looks like a reasonable price. Seller will throw in extra parts.

“I am selling my 1955 Willys Bermuda 2 Door Hardtop. I found it in a tree line in the Homer, NE. area, and have since sold off the non-original engine and trans. It is a factory 226 Super Hurricane L6 and automatic car. I had to remove the hood and part of the front end to remove the driveline. The car has no engine, trans, driveshaft, or radiator. I will include enough used spare parts to fill the car and trunk. Both bench seats are also included. I have a copy of the ’56 Hot Rod issue, that explains how to install a sbc in this car if the buyer wants it. It has floor and body rust, but is very savable for a one of 2200 made hot rod, gasser, or mild custom cruiser. I have a NE. Bonded title in my name.”

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