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1952 Willys Aero Ace Sedan Murrieta, CA $8000

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UPDATE: Price dropped to $7500.

(02/19/2018) Looks in good shape.


“For sale is a pretty cool and somewhat rare car.

A 1952 Willys Aero Ace 2 door sedan. After WWII Willys entered back into the civilian market with the Aero series. Unfortunately they were priced too high compared to Chevy and Fords, and didn’t last too long.

The Willys Aero has a great design, that some call a “baby Mercury”. The two baby fins in the back allows the driver to see all four corners of the car while driving.

The design features focus on the airplane designs from the era, including a split cockpit style windshield, one large uni-gauge and the rocket hood ornament. This specific Willys even has a factory visor.

I have had the car for about 2 years. I swapped the inline 6 cylinder with a small block chevy. I copied the “How-To” instructions from a 1956 Hot Rod Magazine article about putting a chevy in your Willys Aero. What I liked about the engine swap was that it was not that invasive. It used the original motor mount crossmember, with minimal cutting on the firewall. It has an automatic transmission, custom built driveshaft, and a ford 8inch rear end that I completely rebuilt the brakes on not to long ago, everything from springs to drums.

What else the Willys has
Champion Aluminum Radiator (The car has never overheated on me, even in a drive thru getting food)
Aluminum Trans cooler
5 Blade fan
Chrome high output alternator
Edelbrock 500cfm Carb
Edelbrock aluminum intake
Finned aluminum valve covers
finned aluminum oil pan
Flamethrower Distributer with Chrome Accel coil
Converted to 12Volts, with cloth wiring in the engine bay( keeping it looking traditional)
1962 Rambler air cleaner
Speedway Mini Starter
New hoses
New belt
Chrome pulleys
Smitty Glasspack muffler with chrome Willys exhaust tip
Power Brakes
Radial white wall tires that have 90% life left
Chrome hubcaps
New gas tank

The paint is driver quality, a few chips here and there but holds up really well. Has all the emblems, and side trim is in very good shape. The bumpers are original chrome, and the bumper guards are in chipping. The windshield has two bb size cracks, I talked to a glass place and they said they can fill them in, the window wings glass has started separating but is solid, with no cracks, and rear glass is perfect.

Interior is in fantastic condition. The previous owner reupholstered the seats with a traditional grey cloth with matching door panels, and headliner, newer black carpet. The dash has original paint, that is in good shape, and shows some age. Has original Willys radio, and gauge. Speedometer does not work. The fuel gauge used to work before I changed it over to 12Volt, but I have not put in a 12v-6v reducer in yet, so as of right now it does not work. I have three accessory gauges that work under the dash: Oil pressure, Water Temp, and Volts. Headlights work. Original Steering wheel, that has a ox blood leather wrap around it. Has seat belts.

The only work I have done to the front end is the modification for the motor, rebuilt the wheel cylinders, and greased up the bearings.

I noticed the other day the starter has been sticking and hitting the flywheel on startup, but goes away once driving.

Has the original 1952 Black and Yellow plates assigned to the car that I had to track down from the original owner of the car, and it has a clean title in my name.”

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